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Tebow will help, not hurt the New York Jets

March 25th, 2012 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

As a lifelong Jets fan, I had mixed feelings when Tim Tebow was traded to the Jets.  I was surprised, confused, intrigued, and ultimately unprepared for the trade.  After thinking it over, this trade was a bargain.

The Jets traded this year’s 4th round and 6th round draft picks to the Denver Broncos for Tebow and a 7th round pick.  I mean come on, you can’t get a better deal than that for a guy who singlehandedly won a bunch of games last year for the Broncos on their way to the playoffs and a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round.

Tim Tebow is a national celebrity, and now he takes his winning ways to New York City, and I think that the Jets could use a player like Tebow.  He is a proven leader, and has proven to win games in crunch time.  He also can bring a lot of chemistry and positive karma to a Jets locker room that can sure use it.


But most of all, he is a good overall football player who can do a lot of things on the field, something the Jets lack for the most part.

Since Mark Sanchez is still the clear-cut starting quarterback, Tebow will be a solid backup that can light some fire under Sanchez.  With back-to-back AFC Championship appearances in his first two seasons, Sanchez and the Jets took a big step back this year with an 8-8 record and out of the postseason for the first time under the Rex Ryan era.

Sanchez struggled, the offensive line gave him no protection, the defense wasn’t as good, and need I say anymore?  It was a tough season to watch as a die-hard Jets fan, especially with all of the success they had the previous few years.

Sanchez deserves to remain the undisputed starter, whether or not you believe his contract extension was necessary. But for the Jets to advance beyond the two AFC Championship Games Sanchez has already delivered, they need better skill position players around him, and behind him.

Tebow will prove to be a dynamic asset for a predictable offense, and make them, well, unpredictable.  The Wildcat will be incorporated a lot with Tebow in the offense, and he will be sure to help the Jets score touchdowns.  That is the bottom line.

There will be competition between Tebow and Sanchez, as competition brings out the best in winners.  Sanchez is a winning quarterback who could use a small dose of Tebow-Mania to reach what ballplayers are forever calling the next level.

Tebow can make those around him much better, and that is what matters the most.



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  • Bob Sharpe

    I think the one thing that the Jets will have to manage PR wise once the season starts is…what if Sanchez has 3 bad games to start the year and the Jets are 1-2 or 0-3? The fans themselves will be divided on calling for Tebow, but I’m not sure how short a leash Sanchez will be on with the fans after last year. While the Jets as a whole team regressed last year, Sanchez stood out in a lot of games for the wrong reasons. It’ll just be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • Josh Apple

    I agree with the Jets taking a chance on Tebow, how could you not want this guy on your football team? He is a winner, a great role model and a popular figure. But I am not sure he really helps the Jets. They now have two QBs who aren’t accurate passers, so they will have to rely on their D regardless of which one plays. They will probably use both of them, but I don’t really see this making a big difference for them.

  • Joe Campione

    I guess my argument with this whole thing is that is it really a football move? Yes, they got a bargain for Tebow, but I don’t think they needed him. They had Drew Stanton, who I understand is not on the same level as Tebow, at least personality wise, but the Jets didn’t need a quarterback. It just feels like this was yet another publicity stunt for the Jets to get on the back pages, and I fear for when Sanchez inevitably throws an interception, because you know some of the Tebow lunatics will be calling for him to be the starter before long

    • Alex Howard

      The Jets did need a solid quarterback to push Sanchez and light some fire under him. He regressed last season and had Mark Brunell as his backup who can’t do anything. Drew Stanton sucks and Tebow can add a new dimension to the offense. Tebow really can help the Jets on the field to move the ball through wildcat and goal line situations or whatever position the Jets put him at. He singlehandedly won a bunch of games last year for the Broncos including a playoff win over the Steelers! Obviously they knew they’d get headlines for making the move, but that was not a publicity stunt to get on the back pages. If it was, then they wouldn’t use him this upcoming season. I think it’s ridiculous to think that the only reason they got him was to make headlines. Everyone in the league took note on what a difference-maker he is which is why the Jets got him to help them win games.

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