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Jeremy Lin out for the season: in comes…Stephon Marbury?!?!

April 2nd, 2012 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

On ESPN last week, it was reported that Jeremy Lin targeted a Tuesday return to the Knicks lineup after missing the previous few games with knee soreness.  The Knicks were still playing well without him, but still needed the spark he usually provides at the point guard position.

But then last night, prior to the Knicks game against the Cavaliers, I get a text message from my Dad revealing some negative news: “Lin done for the season :(”

Yes, that is a frown face that was added to the text message, the same thing that I felt when hearing the news.  I also thought, “this sucks!”

The guy who salvaged the Knicks’ season is now done for the season, and out six weeks with a torn meniscus in his left knee.  He’s going to have surgery and the only possible return for him this season is if the Knicks somehow make the second round of the playoffs.

In sports, anything is possible, but a with a possible first round matchup against the #1 seed Chicago Bulls, all I have to say is “yikes.”  But for the first time in a while, I trust the Knicks and know they can get the job done.  They have been decent this season (finally over .500), but have to get better and stronger for the postseason.  They currently sit in the 8th and final playoff spot.

For the rest of the season, the Knicks will be using veteran Baron Davis, a solid fill-in for Lin, Mike Bibby, and Toney Douglas in a three-man rotation.  This will be tough, but because of the depth of the lineup, it may work.

Now all of a sudden, there are reports that Stephon Marbury, of all people, may make a return to the NBA.  Marbury, may I remind you, was one of the main reasons of why the Knicks were are a horrible team prior to the past couple of seasons.  He was there during the Isiah Thomas era, where losing was a part of life for Knicks basketball, and a frustrating part of mine.

Marbury proved to be an extreme head case, who only cared about scoring instead of passing off the ball, and proved to be extremely selfish who didn’t care much about winning at all.  Don’t get me wrong, Marbury definitely has talent, but as a Knicks fan, it would be tough to accept him back in a Knicks uniform again.

Right now, Marbury is playing in China after a successful NBA career, and is being treated like a God there.  When The Post emailed Marbury last night asking what he would do if the Knicks gave him a call now that former adversary Mike D’Antoni is gone, Marbury responded, “NOTHING.’’

So the Knicks chances are slim in getting Marbury back considering he has the spotlight and all of the attention in China, but who knows.  Maybe getting Marbury back as a serviceable veteran during the playoff push wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but at the same time, maybe it is.  I sure as hell don’t miss the crap he pulled in New York during his tenure as a Knick, so it maybe better to go with what we have and build on that.


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  • Josh Apple

    I don’t see anyway that “Starbury” comes back, just no way. He is not the answer to the problem. It was really sad to see Lin go down, not just because he is on my fantasy team but because I really enjoyed watching him and he was a good role model. If Baron Davis gets back into form, I think the Knicks can limp their way into the playoffs. Let’s be real, they can’t beat the heat in a seven game series, but they should be able to make the playoffs.

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